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Kent needs you – Could you volunteer to be a Flood Warden?

Many Kent communities are at risk of flooding, and the Environment Agency and the Kent Resilience Forum are on the lookout for people in Kent who would like to make a real difference to their community, by becoming volunteer Flood Wardens.

Flooding can be devastating, destroying property and livelihoods, and disrupting lives. It is therefore essential that areas at risk of flooding are prepared for such eventualities.

Training takes just 2 hours to complete on an evening or weekend and Flood Wardens meet just a few times per year to test their flood plan.

Once trained and equipped, you could be helping to raise awareness of flood risk in the area, encouraging people to sign up to receive the Environment Agency’s free flood warnings and playing a proactive part in reinforcing these warnings, and other safety messages, from other emergency responders.

You would also have a key role in helping to develop a Flood Plan for your community, as well as playing a crucial part in implementing that plan in the event of flooding.

In the event of a flood, when emergency services and local authorities are focused on helping those most in need, Flood Wardens become a vital link between those responding and their community.

If you would like to find out more, please email the Environment Agency at floodresilienceKSLES@environment-agency.gov.uk or the Kent Resilience Forum at krf@kent.fire-uk.org with your name, email address, telephone number and the area you would be volunteering in.


What else can you do?

Check your flood risk – visit www.gov.uk/flood

Visit www.kentprepared.org.uk for more information


Sign up

To the free Flood Warning Service by calling 0345 988 1188 or visiting www.gov.uk/flood

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