Befriending / Independent Visitor

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Job Description

Volunteer befrienders visit,advise and befriend young people in care and take a long term interest in their well-being and development. In doing this ,they act as “independent visitors” for the young people ,a role defined in the children Act 1989.

Young people who are looked after by the local authority often lack a consistent role model in their lives . This is particularly the case for those young people who have no contact with their birth families

Key facts

Befrienders/Independent Visitors commit themselves for at least 2 years

Are fully trained and have an enhanced DBS check which YLF takes care of

All are over the age of 21 with varied backgrounds

Carry out 1:1 visits and activities with the young person at least once a month

Are able to give advice ,assist with problems and attend professional meetings at the young person,s request

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