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To sign up you only require your email address, name and phone number to allow you to be contacted for anything of interest. It is managed as per GDPR and our privacy policy.
Kent Volunteers is aimed at the voluntary sector and we do not carry any salaried opportunities.
Basically, any voluntary role with a charity or non profit organisation across Kent and Medway.  There are a few exceptions, for instance, we do not carry vacancies for political organisations or any organisation that is not suitable.
Please create a profile for your organisation and then follow the instructions in the drop down or use the button in the top right hand corner
Website initiative created by Lord Lieutenancy of Kent working with KM Media Group to increase awareness of volunteering positions across Kent and Medway and for residents to register and apply for opportunities


If you have posted an opportunity before and you can no longer see it, please check to see if the expiry date has passed. If it has, it will no longer be visible. If it hasn't please contact hello@kentvolunteers.org.uk Remember, when placing an opportunity to review the go live and expiry date to make sure it is there for as long as needed!
When you are posting an opportunity it is worth checking to see if you are logged in already. Sometimes you can get signed out after a while as a security measure. If you are logged in, you should be able to post the opportunity with no problem. If the problem persists please contact us on hello@kentvolunteers.org.uk  
When logging into Kent Volunteers, click on the 'My Account' section in the top left hand side. From there, click on 'My Profile' and when it takes you to the dashboard you should see an empty profile picture in the top left. Here you can upload the photo/logo you would like!
If you keep receiving the 'token expired' error message when attempting to sign up or sign in, firstly try to log out and then log back in again. If this doesn't work, please contact us on hello@kentvolunteers.org.uk