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Company Description

About our name

The name bemix combines be and mix.

be stands for beyond expectations.

We challenge expectations of what people with learning difficulties and/or autism can achieve. We aim to achieve excellence and go beyond expectations.

mix celebrates the diverse mix of people in our organisation and promotes inclusion in society.

We’re working towards a world in which all people are equally valued. We still believe it is possible to organise society so everyone can be fully in the mix, and not excluded.

Our work, mission and values.

If you have a learning difficulty and/or autism, we’re working towards a world in which you have an equal place and voice. It’s possible to organise society so everyone can be fully in the mix, and not excluded. We’re committed to people as individuals. You should be supported to achieve your goals and dreams. We’re advocating for your right to choice and control over your own life.

We believe you should be seen, be heard and belong in the local community, including workplaces. We believe that a good society needs everyone’s contribution. We continue to be motivated by compassion and respect. We support each other and believe that working together as equals benefits everyone.

We have big plans for the future. We still haven’t achieved our vision of a society where everyone, including people with learning difficulties and/or autism, can be seen, be heard and belong. Until we reach that goal, we will keep working hard.

People with learning difficulties accomplish so much in our projects. People learn, create and campaign; they do what they love. People gain confidence and independence. People speak up. For some, bemix is the only place they feel a genuine equal.  We’re proud of that.

“You make me feel I’m going to work like the rest of my family.
You continued supporting us even when the programme ended.
Skillnet gives me confidence that I can do quite difficult things.”


In the next three years we hope every project will be inspired to:

  • Be regularly seen and heard in their local community
  • Invite people from their local community into their project

And our vision is to become excellent & influential:

  • Renowned as a centre for excellence in how people with and without learning difficulties work together
  • Powerful in our communications, and influential for change.