Volunteer work and opportunities in Kent

An exciting initiative to bring volunteers and charities in Kent together is underway and you can be part of it.

Created in partnership with the Lord Lieutenant of Kent – Her Majesty the Queen’s personal representative in the county – and KM Media Group, Kent Volunteers helps volunteers find the right kind of placement and brings them easily and safely together.

At the same time, the initiative also helps charities and community organisations find the right kind of people wanting to help.

If you’re looking to give something back to your local community, then Kent Volunteers is for you.

“Kent Volunteers fills a gap,” said Paul Auston who is Deputy Lieutenant of Kent.

“There are many people in our diverse community who would like to help others around them.

“Much reliance has been placed on word of mouth but now Kent Volunteers aims to link those who can to those that need.

“This initiative of the Lord Lieutenant creates a simple ‘handshake’ and takes a vital step forward to benefit all of us.”

There is always a need for volunteers at food banks.


Launched only recently and campaigned under the catchphase ‘Whoever you are, you can volunteer’, Kent Volunteers aims to make volunteering easily accessible for all and to ensure people spend their time contributing and giving back to their community in the right way.

The need for volunteers across Kent and beyond is bigger than ever before.

According to government figures, there are over 170,000 registered charities in the UK, out of which over 90% have no paid staff.

“This statistic in itself tells a story of the need for volunteers,” continued Mr Auston.

“It demonstrates both the nation’s and our county’s strength when it comes to getting in there and helping others.

Volunteers get to work during a litter pick on the Queenborough foreshore. Picture: Chris Davey (7702568)

“That is why we have moved ahead with creating a simple and free website to link willing volunteers to charities desperate for help and why this initiative can only be of benefit to all of us.”

Statistics published in 2018 by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) said 38% of people reported they had formally volunteered at least once a year for 2017-2018.

The same figures from the department’s Community Life Survey show that over one in five (22%) of people reported they volunteered once a month.

Aside from helping those wanting to volunteer from finding their perfect placement, the new website also assists others seeking the right kind of volunteers with equal ease.

Kent Volunteers will extend the reach of helping hands throughout the county.

“A prospective volunteer can look at posts put there by an organisation, can see interesting opportunities and, as the site develops, visitors will see what is going on around the county that might be of interest”, added Mr Auston.

“We have spent a great deal of time in the creation of the website and it has the full support of Kent County Council, who are delighted by the initiative.

“We hope that it will give the people of the county a greater understanding of what the Kent Lieutenancy is and the work it does.

Deputy Lieutenant of Kent Paul Auston: “We have spent a great deal of time in the creation of the website and it has the full support of Kent County Council, who are delighted by the initiative.”

“This may also encourage further interest from charities and community interest groups in The Queens Awards for Volunteering.”

For more information about Kent Volunteers, visit the official website here, email hello@kentvolunteers.org.uk or call 03000 416259.

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